Trustee Representation

I’ve been named as a trustee in my mom’s trust. When should I see an attorney?

Settling a trust estate is a large, important responsibility and proper representation can greatly reduce the trustees exposure to a potential lawsuit brought by a trust beneficiary. Under Oregon law, trustees of irrevocable trusts typically are required to provide enough information to trust beneficiaries so that the beneficiaries can protect the trust assets and their right to these assets.

We assist trustees in providing adequate information to trust beneficiaries and executing appropriate tax filings and planning. Our goal is to reduce trustee liability and to help facilitate good relationships between the trustee and the beneficiaries.

What do I need to bring to my first appointment?

You should bring a copy of the trust agreement, any tax returns filed by the trustee, and a list of trust assets and liabilities. You should also bring any trustee reports that you’ve created.