Estate Planning

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Estate Planning

An estate plan puts you in control of end-of-life decisions. Essential for adults of all ages, it provides for your loves ones and ensures that your property is distributed according to your wishes. It’s also a crucial component of your overall financial plan, and can help your heirs avoid paying substantial taxes and fees. Below you’ll find more information about our specific Estate Planning services:

Estate Administration

When a loved one passes, it’s a stressful and emotional time. We help you create order from chaos – guiding you through the probate process, serving as an advisor, trustee or executor (gathering assets, paying outstanding debts/taxes and distributing property to the heirs) and easing the burden on your family. Below you’ll find more information about our specific Estate Administration services:

Incapacity Planning

If you are unable to make decisions about your finances or medical treatment due to age, health or special needs, a living will or health care directive will communicate your wishes. Similarly, a Power of Attorney appoints another person to act as your agent in managing your financial affairs. Guardianships and conservatorships may also be a good option. Find information about these services below: