Empowering Clients with Smart Tax and Oregon Estate Planning Strategies

We make it easy to get your estate plans and legal affairs in order. Here’s what you can expect when you work with Skinner Law – one of Portland’s most accessible and client-friendly legal firms.

  • Plain English! We draft documents and letters that are to the point and readable.
  • Information. We will help you understand your estate plan and any other legal recommendations. It is important for you to know the consequences of both acting and not acting, both on a legal and practical level.
  • Prioritization. We will prioritize documents and legal discussions based on relevance. Too much information can cause you to miss the most important legal information.
  • Timely service. We always strive to be prompt and responsive.
  • Welcoming of questions. We encourage you to thoroughly question everything. We want you to feel that all of your questions have been answered fully.
  • Collaboration. We are happy to work with your other advisers, including accountants, financial planners, and bankers. As human beings, we generally operate better as a team, rather than as individuals.
  • Efficient use of technology. We strive to use cutting edge technology to increase our ability to quickly communicate with clients, operate efficiently, and decrease the amount of resources used. This is good for both our clients and the environment.

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